Average patient load. Not much hands on.

Very high patient load with high end machines.

Good variety of patient load. Good academics. Very good hands on.

Good patient load. Academics is okay. Good hands on. Duty 8 am to 8 pm. No post duty off. Not sure about accommodation.

Less patient load with predominantly ortho and surgery cases. Academics is good. Bad hospital administration. Stipend is not provided on time. No accommodation

Good patient load with more neuro cases. Good academics with case presentations/seminars / film reading sessions. Good usg hands on – you get to do on your own within 6 months. Duties are in shift basis (9-5/12-8/8-8). Post duty off after 2 pm. Good work environment with friendly seniors. No Accommodation

Good patient load. No OBG cases. Academics not good. Good handson. No accommodation. (personal opinion : Many online sources mentioned this is a good hospital for DNB, but I did not like it very much)

Good patient load. Very good academics with seminars and conferences. Weekend classes at NIMS, Hyderabad. Good hands on. Good support for thesis and other academic activities like preparing for FRCR. Will get adequate time for studies and exam preparation. Very friendly and supportive consultants and seniors. Duty from 9 to 5.30. No post duty off …

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Good patient load and machines. Excellent academics. CT/MRI from 1st year. Good hands on. Good work environment. No Accommodation provided.

Average case load. No academics/case presentation /journal club etc. Good hands on with exposure to CT/MRI in 1st year. Duty from 8 to 4. Night duty for 1 week at a stretch. No Accommodation

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