Case load : Average

Hands On : Good usg hands on. General cases and good number of antenatal cases exposure. Obs gynec cases exposure advantage is for female pgs only. Male pgs are seeing these cases during their night duty timings only. No musculoskeletal usgs.

Cases are there but not hectic. Not having wide variety of cases in ct and mri. Not typical exam cases

Machines :CT and MRI available

Academics :No case discussions or no academics at all. Self learing only

Stipend: 48k 49k 50k

Duty timings : For 1st years 12 hr duty till they are able to take individual duties. Individual duty timings 8am to 5pm, 1 pm to 9pm, 8pm to 8 am

Work environment :little toxic mentally(espclly for nontamilians)

Accomodation : hospital wil provide for female pgs. Male pgs are staying out. Hosp is providing some amount monlthy for rent

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