Patient load: Good. ~30 USGs per day with hands on from 2nd or 3rd month of first year . At the end of first year/ beginning of 2nd year, 10-15 CTs and 5-6 MRIs per day you will get to report by yourself in these respective postings which will be cross checked by the consultant the next day.

Academics : nil as of now

Hands on: Good

Machines: Good working condition, Phillips Affiniti for USGs, GE 1.5 T MRI, CT

Work environment : Good. Seniors are helpful

Duty timings : 8.30am- 4.30 pm regular days, Saturdays 8.30-2 and Sundays are off. So enough me-time and study time. 24 hr Duties – twice a week with post duty off, but the frequency depends on the number of JRs

Stipend: 58k in the first year

Accommodation : Hostel accommodation available (1 min walk from the dept) on first come first serve basis. Some cons-

Passing rate: 50% in both primary and secondary DNB.

-You will not get any kind of extended study leave before 3rd year exams. In fact, our 3rd year seniors had emergency duties as well 3 weeks before their exam. You have to save your yearly 30 days’ leave and take in the end, close to exams. So, that’s kind of a disadvantage.

-As a primary DNB resident, You will not sign off on any report.

It will be done by a senior resident or a secondary DNB resident. However, as time goes by, they let you do usg independently (usually by end of 1st year /2nd year)

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