Patient load:

  • USG: 40-50(low no. of obs cases1-3)
  • CT- 15-20 depends(mostly non emergency cases)
  • MRI- 10-15 (routine plus special cases as HOD is very keen in non radiation dx)

Academics : no real classes till date , but if u read n come and ask any consultant anything they will tell u , as they aren’t teachers or professor they don’t do formal teaching, but they have very good knowledge and if u ask anything they will surely tell

Hands on: CT n MRI we have to see how our consultants are reporting n try to learn , this being one of the most corporate n famous hospital we won’t be doing any free reporting, but whatever we report we can cross check

with consultant.less hands on on USG bcoz they have to get all the usg done in time with VIPs coming n going everyday, so we get handson but not that much , but we bave made peace with our situation as its a long way into learning.

Machines: 128 slice CT 3 Tesla MRI. Four USG machines other than the bed side machines

Work environment : no toxicity at all , everyone is nice its new for them as well as us, and for time being we are here as students only , we aren’t doing any active duty yet.

Duty timings : 9am – 6/7 pm. no night call yet.maybe later they appoint us one we have a grip of sub. sunday off , public holiday off

Stipend: regular , on time 36 on paper , we get 32.8k rest taxes , which we can file ate end of year and get back as it is under 5l slab.(mind u its very less if u compare it with any other state)

Accommodation : not given we got it by ourselves .it will cost u around 10-15k per month to have a well to do and easy lifestyle.

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